i_think_it_rains (2013)

關於「滴溚 滴」A Few Words on ‘I Think It Rains’

Cattle Depot (outside)

關於「滴溚 滴」──蔡仞姿

「滴溚 滴 I think it rains」是一個一體兩面、中英互不對照的題目,有詩意的期待,有行動的音符,是舞踏聲也可以是時鐘聲,也可能是……「從未知中尋求可能性」,或者就讓我城在交錯複雜的境遇中,以藝術還以正面的能量。

「滴溚 滴 I think it rains」是一個三年的藝術計劃,由Burger Collection 與1a空間互動進行,我們會從藝術開始回歸至藝術文化的提問與探索。首先以流動的策展形式,容許創作人的角色互換,創作人包括藝術家、策展人、作家與藝評人,從非常規性中體驗新的可能。計劃同時亦建構一些另類的對話組合,尋求文化敍述的新領域,擴闊既知的文化圖譜。


廿一世紀藝術的多邊界已不可能只呈現於展出與展覧場館中,「滴溚 滴 I think it rains」同時亦聚焦於一連串「框框外」的藝術行為及演出,由點點滴滴的實驗及非常規性再探藝術。


A Few Words on ‘I Think It Rains’ – by Choi Yan Chi

‘滴溚 滴 I think it rains’ is a dual title whose English and Chinese versions do not correspond to each other directly. It may point to poetic expectations, musical notes in action, or the tapping sound of dance shoes, or chiming clocks, or even…‘searching for possibilities from the unknown’. Perhaps we can bring positive energy by means of art to our entangled city in its complicated circumstances.

‘滴溚 滴 I think it rains’ is a three-year art project interactively realized by Burger Collection and 1a Space. We will start with art and return to the interrogations and explorations of art and culture. We have adopted a curatorial approach in constant flux, which allows an exchange of creative roles among artists, curators, writers and art critics. Thanks to this unconventional approach, they may be able to experience and experiment with new possibilities. We also plan to construct alternative dialogue platform in search of new space for constructing cultural narratives and expand known cultural genealogies.

Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan culture is interspersed with traces of colonial, modern and Lingnan legacies. It is so complex and diverse that it renders narration from a single perspective an impossible task. Yet if we take a look at the global tides of multi-culturalism in the 21st century, Hong Kong is probably not a singular case at all. This project will provide a platform for artists and cultural creators in Hong Kong to encounter and converse with artists from across the world. Perhaps we can precipitate new formations of discourses about our own culture, with references to the cultural exchanges that the project hopes to facilitate.

The multiple boundaries of 21st century art cannot be confined to exhibition venues. ‘滴溚 滴 I think it rains’ will focus on a series of ‘out of the box’ art performances and re-explore art in a fragmented, experimental and unorthodox way.

We anticipate rainbow and blue sky after the rain.


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