i_think_it_rains (2013)

關於俞若玫 About Cally Yu


Cally Yu (Yeuk Mui, Yu), is a Chinese writer with a strong concern on Hong Kong cultural and social development, particularly the quality of public space. She published four novels and a collection of interviews with 12 women on the topic of “freedom” and “independent”. She also produces poems, theatre texts, art criticisms, interviews, columns and feature stories for local newspapers and magazines since 1997. Starting in 2009, as one of the founders of Woofer Ten (a local alternative art space with a focus on community art), Cally has been experimenting with different visual art elements, body movements and text, in theater production and happenings. She was one the writers-in-residence of the Hong Kong section in Liverpool Biennial (2012) and critic-in-residence of Macau City Fringe Festival (2012). She also organized and curated various cultural events and actions. She curated and directed the Cattle Depot Book Fair 2005 and acted as Project Director for a Chinese Literature Camp 『字在山水』 (2011). She is one of the founders of two cultural action groups, “Art Citizen” and “Happy Action”.


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