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關於周耀輝 About Chow Yiu-fai

周耀輝畢業於香港大學英國語文及比較文學系。1989年,發表第一首詞作〈愛在瘟疫蔓延時〉,從此踏足香港詞壇。周耀輝寫作風格華麗獨特,即使為主流歌手填寫作品,也與一般主流作品有所不同,題材和詞風遊走於主流與非主流之間。2005年,憑〈雌雄同體〉獲香港作曲家及作詞家協會(CASH)最佳另類歌曲獎;2006年,獲廣州電台年度最佳詞人 獎;2007年,憑〈黛玉笑了〉獲全球華語排行榜最佳作詞獎;2011年,獲 CASH最廣泛演出金帆獎(個人最多新作品演出作詞家);2012年,憑〈Wanna be〉獲CASH最佳歌曲獎,〈蜉蝣〉獲CASH最佳歌詞獎。2007年,出版個人填詞作品專輯《18變─周耀輝詞.文.觀》;2010年,出版文集《突然十年便過去》;2011年,出版創意練習《7749》;2012年,出版文集《假如我們甚麼都不怕》。周耀輝曾於香港政府新聞處、亞洲藝術節、明報及商業電台工作。1992年移居荷蘭,為荷蘭政府華語節目主持人及編輯,並於2011年獲得阿姆斯特丹大學頒發博士學位。現任香港浸會大學人文及創作系教授。

Chow Yiu-fai graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in English and Comparative Literature. In 1989 he launched his career as a lyricist in Hong Kong with the song ‘Love in the Time of Plague’. His style is uniquely flamboyant, and even the lyrics he writes for popular singers are distinct from mainstream pop songs. The awards he received in recent years include: CASH (Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong) – Best Alternative Composition (‘Hermaphrodite’, 2005); Guangzhou Radio – Best Lyricist of the Year (2006); Global Chinese Music Awards – Best Lyrics (‘When Daiyu Smiles’, 2007); CASH Golden Sail Music Awards – Most Performed Lyricist (2011); CASH – Best Song (‘Wannabe’, 2012); and CASH – Best Lyrics (‘Mayfly’, 2012). His publications include 18 Transformations (collection of lyrics, 2007), Suddenly Ten Years (2010), a creative exercise 7749 (2011), and If We Are Afraid of Nothing (2012). In the past he has worked for the Information Services Department of the Hong Kong government, Asian Arts Festival, Ming Pao and Commercial Radio. He moved to Holland in 1992, where he worked as a host and editor for the Dutch government’s Chinese programme. He was awarded PhD by the University of Amsterdam in 2011. He is currently a professor in the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing of Hong Kong Baptist University.


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