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Wong Wai Yim, Sex Story to a Sex Story, 2013

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Artist Wong Wai Yim invited fellow friends, strangers and acquaintances to converse with her about the stimulating topics of lust, desire, and sexuality. Seated face-to-face with the artist in a tent the participants bravely divulged their various sexual tendencies and experiences, or their lack of experience!

This real-time activity was a continuation of her Story for a Story (2012) work which was held at Occupy Central. It’s part of an ongoing project the artist has on the exchange of stories. In March 2013 the artist hosted a sex toy workshop at 1a space, after discovering that friends in Hong Kong never had been to a sex shop. The artist states: “Some of them don’t have the idea to buy, or don’t know where to buy, or never have masturbated!” Wai Yim has sought to get people to re-acknowledge erotica and the body’s sensuality.

The project welcomes people from different backgrounds, from different cultures, and different sexual orientations to exchange their sex stories in Hong Kong! Domes- tic helpers? Pakistani workers? Foreign exchange-students? Native Hong Kongers? Do you like to exchange your sex experience? They are invited to participate and bring one true sex experience, to exchange with another participant. We will exchange ours, which is of the same nature as yours, with you. What stories to bring? Your most _________ sex experience in Hong Kong.

Producer: Ariom Leung.
Assistant: Kenny To.
Cameraman: Ariom Leung, Donald Kwok, Fish Lee.
Photographer: Alan Yau.
Translator: Florence Ng, Philippe Charmes, Miu miu, etc.
Receptionist: Timothy Kwok, Philippe Charmes.

Wong Wai Yim lives and works in Hong Kong and Paris. Wai Yim works with many different media including video, performance, glass and photography. She has exhibited extensively in Hong Kong, China, Europe, and South Korea.


This real-time activity was part of From Dusk Till Dawn, which took place on May 24, 2013, at Cattle Depot Artist Village, To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong.


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