i_think_it_rains (2013)

From Dusk Till Dawn: Volume of Thousands – Thousands Drops by Project 226 (Clara Cheung, Gum Cheng and Price Chu)

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“Volume of Thousands – Thousands Drops” was developed from Project 226’s previous statement at their internship graduation ceremony: “After an act being performed for a thousand times, it becomes art.” The three members of Project 226 used some of their familiar art-making tools to construct the atmosphere for “I Think It Rains”.

Photos by Green Chan. © Green Chan

Members of “Project 226”

CHU Yiu Wai (Price)

CHU Yiu Wai (Price) graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University SPEED with Bachelor of Arts in Apply and Media Art in 2003. Price Chu has been a lecturer in Hong Kong Design Institute. Now, he is a part-time teacher in HKU SPACE, an active member of the non-profit art group, Project226, and the creative director of A Stroke Design Limited. Since 2002, He has participated in many art exhibitions. His works is exploring the relationship between mammonist and artist. In 2010, He had to come into contact with property enterprise successfully. His interactive projection artwork “iNTER-GROW” have been collected in the shopping mall. Recently, His artworks mainly explore in performace art and new media art to response the society, life and himself.



CHEUNG Clara graduated from Rhodes College (TN, USA) with a double major in Fine Art and Computer Science in 2002. Clara Cheung studied for the Postgraduate Diploma in Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong afterwards, and received a master degree of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. She has been the head of the visual arts department in a high school from 2003 to 2007, and is currently a part-time lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Besides the identity of an artist, since 2002, she has self-organized different art shows, events and actions at various non-tranditaional venues, varying from a college’s cafeteria to the public space outside the Metropolitian Museum of Art in New York.  Starting in 2007, she has also curated and co-curated many art exhibitions at C&G Artpartment, which situates in a “tong-lau” building apartment in Hong Kong.  These exhibits often critically respond to local social and cultural issues, including problems in the local art ecology.  Other than these, she also curates and co-curates exhibits in other venues, and organizes various art education programmes and art exchange programmes for local schools and other organizations.


CHENG Yee Man (Gum)

CHENG Yee Man (Gum) (b. in Hong Kong) completed the social work programme at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in1998.  He graduated with distinction of Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) in Drawing, at RMIT University in 2002. In 2007, Cheng received his M.A. in Comparative and Public History from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Gum was a member of School Management Committee. He is a registered social worker, part-time lecturer of HK Art School, founder of C & G Artpartment, Wooferten; chairman of a Hong Kong non-profit art group “Project 226”. Since 2000, he has curated more than 100 art exhibitions, educational programme, seminars, exchange programme etc. His curatorial directions mainly criticize politics, social issues and art eco-system. His artworks explore various media, like painting, drawing, performance, stop-motion animation, photography, video and installation.



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