i_think_it_rains (2013)

Lam Siu-wing, Flaneur 11 Homeward Bound, 2013

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Photos by Swing Lam.

“11, a cantonese slang, represents walking by the two feet.
11, an experience of walking across the city.

I quitted my depressing job in 2012 spring, and started my more depressed jobless life.

The idea of walking from one side of Hong Kong to the other was provoked by the depression of seeking a new job. After spending every single day sending application at home for no result, I  was awaken by the days of boredom. I randomly think of a place on the other side of the city: Yuen Long, just on foot. I did documentation for my walk, I pondered my ego in my walk.

I finally walked for 10 times in 5 cities.

The name of this random project, called Flanuer 11.”

Swing Lam

This real-time activitiy was part of From Dusk Till Dawn, which took place May 24, 2013, at Cattle Depot Artist Village, To Kwa Wan.

Swing Lam was born in Hong Kong in 1986. He earned a bachelor degree of Visual Arts in HKBU and a MA intercultural studies in CUHK. He is one of the fotanian Artist. In 2012, Swing
 walked across 6 cities as a project called “Flaneur 11”. He shows the project in Atelier Muji gallery as his first solo exhibition. He is now working the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


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