i_think_it_rains (2013)

Choi Yan Chi, “A Desk to a Forever Reader”, 2013


Choi Yan Chi
A Desk to a Forever Reader, 2013
Ikea home office desk, books, oil, text on acrylic
Variable dimensions

Photos by Lau Ching Ping, reworked by Choi Yan-chi, 2013.

A Desk to a Forever Reader (2013) relates to a previous series of work by Choi Yan-chi titled Drowned (1989-97). For this new rendition the artist invited friends and acquaintances from differing ages to contribute with the title of two books that they find meaningful. Two main questions were posed to them; why did you choose these two books? And if you were not to drown them in oil what would you do to them?

Artist Choi Yan-chi states: “The collection of books were mostly in collaboration with other contributors. Sometimes it was a reflection on time and history related to a particular period, such as Drowned I and III were done after June 4 and before 1997. The messages were heavy. Sometimes it goes strongly with places such as Drowned IV and V. Drowned V was done in Berlin. A woman writer asked me for one big case solely for herself to drown a particular collection of books. The participatory spirit of ‘a desk for an forever reader’ is a new attempt. I really enjoyed the outcome this time.”



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