i_think_it_rains (2013)

Ng Ka Chun Hei, I Think It Rains, Documentary

Watch the recently published five minute documentary on the realization of Ng Ka Chun’s work Street Café.

Street Café was a large scale mimic of a local street café. A temporary one-day installation, the work was produced by Burger Collection on the premises of the heritage site Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong, for the opening evening of I Think It Rains on May 20, 2013.

Ng Ka Chun
Street Café, 2013
Site-specific installation
Various media, ready made materials, table and chair sculptures
circa 12 x 8 x 4 m

I Think It Rains is an exhibition platform originating in a collaboration between Burger Collection and 1a space. Part 1 took place at the Cattle Depot Artist Village in To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong from May 17 until June 30, 2013, and featured works by some thirty artists and writers from Hong Kong and abroad.

Film by Alain Kantarjian
Additional images by Iriz Yuen
With special thanks to Reds Cheung
Commentary by Daniel Kurjakovic
Produced by Burger Collection, Hong Kong, 2013.
Copyright © Alain Kantarjian


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