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Fiete Stolte

Fiete Stolte, Me, 2012

Fiete Stolte_Me I & II (detail 2) Fiete Stolte_Me I & II

Fiete Stolte
Me, 2012
Painted wood, polished steel (two parts)
12 x 16 x 23 cm

Fiete Stolte (b. 1979 in Berlin) is a conceptual artist and performer living and working in Berlin. He graduated from the Berlin-Weißensee School of Art in 2007.  Recent group exhibitions include, amongst others, Risk Society, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan, and Without Destination, Reykjavik Art Museum, Island. Recent solo exhibitions were held at Art Basel (2009) and SOX, berlin Germany (2012). Stolte has recently received a Fine Art scholarship form the Land of Berlin (federal state of Berlin) in 2011 and a travel scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service.


Photos by Alain Kantarijian. © Alain Kantarjian.


From Dusk Till Dawn: An Action For An Image by Fiete Stolte

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From Dusk Till Dawn, was held on May 24, 2013, and was a full day and night dedicated to real-time activities, both on site at the Cattle Depot Artist Village and off-site at disparate neighboring places.

In his performative activity, An Action For An Image, Fiete Stolte created a tactual and sequential situation, covering his hands with graphite powder, to cover someone else’s hands, who in turn covered his bystander’s hands. Stolte spoke of the different visual associations that sprung to mind. One was of how the graphite hands when fully covered suddenly looked as if they were extrinisic objects, wholly detached and not belonging to the body.

Stolte’s “Turn” and the local visitors

於12號房的德國藝術家Fiete Stolte作品Turn,創作靈感來自披頭四的歌8 Days A Week,藝術家嘗試建構八天的星期(每天21小時),並按這樣的時間安排作息,又曾在歐洲連續不斷乘搭飛機,以在一星期之內看到八次日出日落。這次的作品也和時間有關,大家不妨親身去了解一下!展覽由即日起至2013年6月30日。

24/05/13「滴溚 滴」展覽開幕 +「日不落展演」

《滴溚 滴》展覽開幕時間:5月24日下午5時至9時
「日不落展演」時間: 5月24日上午11時至10時

24/05/13(Fri) 11am-10pm「滴溚 滴」:日不落展演節目簡介

「滴溚 滴」策展團隊對時間的深入思考催生了不一樣的展覽模式。除了有藝術品分佈於牛棚不 同位置的六個展廳,這個項目更有另外三個重要元素:「日不落展演」、「藝術家創作札記」及 「藝術家駐地計劃」。其中日不落展演將於 5 月 24 日舉行,一眾藝術家將於牛棚藝術村及鄰近地 區進行即場活動。有別於一般的表演,這些即場活動進一步瓦解創作者與參觀者的界線,藝術家 擔任策劃人,公眾參與創作;一起嘗試在講座、研討會、創作班等框架之外,探索更生動、雙向 而對等的交流可能性。以下為部分節目:


Work from Fiete Stolte

Fiete Stolte, Turn, 2008, CCTV-camera, motor, cable, monitor, neon lights. 1600 x 650 x 60 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Sassa Trulsch, Berlin © Fiete Stolte

About Fiete Stolte

Fiete Stolte(1979年生)是一位於德國柏林工作及生活的藝術家。2007年自柏林Weissensee School of Art畢業,近年的聯展包括Risk Society(台北當代藝術館,2013年)及Without Destination(冰島Reykjavik藝術,2011年),而近期的個展則於柏林SOX及瑞士Villa Flor S-chanf舉行。Stolte曾獲柏林聯邦州藝術家獎(2011年)及德國學術交流服務(DAAD)頒發的旅遊獎學金(2010年)。