i_think_it_rains (2013)

Pak Sheung-chuen

Silver Silence/Golden Speech—a supplement to Torrent No. 2 magazine

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Silver Silence/Golden Speech

The bulletin Silver Silence/Golden Speech (illus., color and b/w, 136 pages) is a supplement to Torrent No. 2, released in May 2014. Silver Silence/Golden Speech contains transcripts of conversations realized by five groupings of artists from Hong Hong involved in I Think It Rains, part of Burger Collection’s exhibition and research platform realized in Hong Kong in the summer of 2013. It was put in place to make a certain number of the informal thoughts, ideas and conversations by some of the participants more manifest.

Contributors of Silver Silence/Golden Speech: Choi Yan Chi, Philippe Charmes, Luke Ching Chin Wai, Lam Tung Pang, Law Man Lok, Anthony Leung Po Shan, Ng Ka Chun, Tozer Pak Sheung Chuen, Tang Siu Wa, Annie Wan Lai Kuen, Michelle Wong Wun Ting, Wong Wai Yim, and Francis Yu Wai Luen.

The Spirit Wakes in the Night Wind*

Publications as a different way to imagine art and culture

In line with its release, Burger Collection will host The Spirit Wakes in the Night Wind, a discussion on art publishing during Asia Art Archive’s Open Platform on Friday, 16 May 2014, 4.30 – 6pm.  The event will be held at Art Basel Hong Kong’s fair ground, at the booth of AAA’s Open Platform booth, P1, Hong Kong.

For more information about the location and overall program please check back to AAA’s website

This discussion round will look at the role and function of artist or artist-driven publications, both in print and online, at art criticism, and more generally at the function and present state of critical discursive platforms. Case studies and examples should be the starting points for the participants to debate the issues on the background of their individual projects and experiences within the HK art world and beyond. The event is organized around the publication of Burger Collectionʼs Torrent n°2, and its special Hong Kong supplement Silver Silence/Golden Speech, conversational meetings by Hong Kong artists and cultural practitioners. In its print version, Silver Silence/Golden Speech contains transcripts of conversations realized by five groupings of artists from Hong Hong involved in the exhibition and research project I Think It Rains. The conversations deal, amongst other, with the autonomy of artistic practice, ethics and morality in the visual arts field, and with cultural policy.

Participants: Mary Chan (publisher and director MCCM Creations, Hong Kong), David Elliott (artistic director of the 2014 IVth Biennale of Young Art, Moscow), Hu Fang (fiction writer, co-founder and artistic director of Vitamin Creative Space Guangzhou and the Pavilion, Beijing), Charwei Tsai (publisher of Lovely Daze, Taipei), Yeung Yang (writer, curator, and executive director of soundpocket, Hong Kong), Oscar Ho Hing Kay (programme director of the M.A. programme in cultural management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and independent curator, Hong Kong).

* The title of this session is borrowed from Wallace Stevens, Lettres dʼun soldat, I-IX, published in: Poetry, A Magazine of Verse, Vol. XII, No. II, 1918, pp. 59ff.
For more on I Think It Rains, including the Artist Shelves, source material by artists, and From Dusk Till Dawn, real-time activities of May 24, 2013, on Cattle Depot and offsite, see: http://www.ithinkitrains.org.

Concept by: Daniel Kurjakovic
Moderators: Linda Jensen, Daniel Kurjakovic



Pak Sheung-chuen, White Library / A Mind Reaching for Emptiness, 2009

Pak Sheung-Chuen_White Library

Pak Sheung-chuen
White Library / A Mind Reaching for Emptiness, 2009
100 photocopied paper sheets
Each page 29 x 42 cm and variable dimensions

Photo by Alain Kantarijian. © Alain Kantarjian.
“A blank page is a pause of time in reading. It could also be readable, offering infinite imagination. A blank page creates a common link in different books, giving us a vision of the whole. During my residency in the library of Asia Art Archive, I photocopied all the blank pages from its collection, attempting to create an alternative to the archive‘s collection.”
Pak Sheung-chuen

Pak Sheung Chuen (b. 1977 in Fujian, China) is an artist living and working in Hong Kong. He received his BA in Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2002. Recent group exhibitions include, amongst others, Crystal City, Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt, New Zealand, and Encounter with the Passerby ABC, Juming Museum, Jinshan, Taiwan. Recent solo exhibitions were held at Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong (2010) and Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China (2010). In 2012 he was awarded the prestigious Contemporary Chinese Art Award (CCAA).

Setting up the “White Library”

24/05/13「滴溚 滴」展覽開幕 +「日不落展演」

《滴溚 滴》展覽開幕時間:5月24日下午5時至9時
「日不落展演」時間: 5月24日上午11時至10時

24/05/13(Fri) 11am-10pm「滴溚 滴」:日不落展演節目簡介

「滴溚 滴」策展團隊對時間的深入思考催生了不一樣的展覽模式。除了有藝術品分佈於牛棚不 同位置的六個展廳,這個項目更有另外三個重要元素:「日不落展演」、「藝術家創作札記」及 「藝術家駐地計劃」。其中日不落展演將於 5 月 24 日舉行,一眾藝術家將於牛棚藝術村及鄰近地 區進行即場活動。有別於一般的表演,這些即場活動進一步瓦解創作者與參觀者的界線,藝術家 擔任策劃人,公眾參與創作;一起嘗試在講座、研討會、創作班等框架之外,探索更生動、雙向 而對等的交流可能性。以下為部分節目:


White Library, A Mind Reaching for Emptiness

Pak Sheung-chuen, White Library, A Mind Reaching for Emptiness, 2009, 100 photocopies of blank pages. Each page 29 x 42 cm, Courtesy of Pak Sheung-chuen and Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong © Pak Sheung-chuen

關於白雙全 About Pak Sheung-chuen

白雙全(1977年福建出生)現於香港居位及工作。2002年他在香港中文大學取得藝術學士學位,較近期的聯展包括:Crystal City (新西蘭Lower Hutt Dowse Art Museum,2011 年)及<遇上Google地圖上的路人甲乙丙>(台灣朱銘美術館,2011年)。2009年白雙全於第五十三屆威尼斯雙年展代表香港館,2010年香港藝術館及廣東藝術館分別為白氏舉行個展,2012年白氏更榮獲當代中國藝術獎(CCAA)。