i_think_it_rains (2013)

Press Release

19/05/2013     「滴溚 滴」新聞稿(中文版)

18/05/2013      I Think It Rains Press Release (English version)

Press from various sources:

Artistory_June 17, 2013_Maggie Wong “A Moveable Collection. Interview with Daniel Kurjaković”_digital

Artistory_May 21, 2013_”Off the fairground of Art Basel”_digital_pdf

Whitewall_May 24, 2013_Stephanie Bailey_Kingsley NG’s Hong Kong Eye_digital

Blouin Artinfo_May 24, 2013,_Hyo-Won_„Burger Collection- Art’s Historical, Spatial Impulses“_digital

Womanyee_June 2013_Daniel Kurjakovic_My White Cube-digital