i_think_it_rains (2013)

Source Materials

Source Materials by artists

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Shelves with source material in the various spaces of I Think It Rains refer to the specific work exhibited, or to the artist’s practice at large. This material is purposefully not presented in the same room with the work as it is not primarily to be viewed as illustration or explanation. Rather it directs the attention to the processes underlying a work. Amongst the types of materials are sketches, collages, photographs, scripts, quotes, newspaper articles, diagrams, copies of books, texts, google maps etc. The source material might encourage a reflection on how works are constructed and imagined—conceptually, philosophically, or poetically. The source material is chosen and put together by the artist him- or herself. It exemplifies different ways in which artists collect information, formalize observations, integrate context, or test out certain paths of inquiry. It can be understood as a specific language of study. The concept of the source material/artist shelves closely relates to Torrent, the art bulletin by Burger Collection.