i_think_it_rains (2013)



Burger Collection

Monique Burger, President
Daniel Kurjaković, Curator / Head of Program
Linda Jensen, Assistant Curator
Joanna Lisiak, Administrative Director
Regula Himmelberger, Project Assistant
Laura Hindelang, Project Assistant
Katharina Suter, Senior Storage Manager
Doreen Merkel, Manager logistics on site
Philipp Hermann, Graphic Designer
Alain Kantarjian, Filmmaker, Artist Photographer
Evelyn Char, BC & 1a space Project Officer

1a space

Choi, Yan-chi, Vice Chairperson / Co-founder
Chris Chan, Gallery Director
Michelle Lee, Project Manager
Enoch Cheung, Artist and Curatorial Team Member
Cally Yu, Writer/Playwright and Curatorial Team Member
Anki Lau, Program Officer
Ada Ho, Project Assistant