i_think_it_rains (2013)

Torrent Pilot Edition


The pilot edition of Torrent was published in June 2012 on the occasion of Nalini Malani’s video / shadow play In Search of Vanished Blood (2012) presented at Documenta 13, with Burger Collection acting as patron for the project. It features an in-depth conversation with Nalini Malani about In Search of Vanished Blood (2012), and amongst other things discusses feminist concerns, mythic discourse, Kalighat painting, the Naxalite-Maoist insurgency, the critical state of art history in India, and shares with the curatorial team several of her literary influences (Wolf, Beckett, Rilke, Irigaray, Devi, Sheldrake and Mc Evilley). The conversation is illustrated with images from Malani’s research archive as well as photographs documenting the production of the work.

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